A broken family quotes for everyday basis

This is about when my parents went through divorce while I was in high school. Fortunately I had started dating so it was easier for me than my sister to understand that some relationships just do not work out in the long run. At first it was very awkward during the holidays and we would fear that we would hurt either our mom’s or dad’s feelings if we did not spend the time together. After a few years we learned to make adjustments on the days and realized that it wasn’t so important that we spent the exact holiday “day” together but that we spent some time together celebrating in our own way. It really made me appreciate even the smallest and not so frequent quality times that we did get together for dinners, a museum visit, horse races or just to hang out and talk. I feel that it made me a better person by seeing that even when my parents didn’t get along on a daily basis, I learned to appreciate each of them as individuals during the times I spent with them.

– Erin McConnell