A student longing for a daddy quotes

When I was a child I had an elderly retired neighbor who I called Daddy. Although we shared no relation, he cared for me as if I were his own. When I was sick he made me soup. When I cried he kissed my cheeks. He bought me my first car. He threatened my first date. When my mother moved away, I stayed by his side refusing to leave. Eventually, he adopted me and gave me his last name. I was never more proud of my last name than I am now. The most difficult time of my life was when I was 19 and the cancer took him away from me. I was lost without him, but I am living proof the time heals even the nastiest wounds. Five years later I still cling to the valuable lessons he taught me through his endless generosity. Love one another and be good to each other because you never know just how far your kindness will travel or how many lives you will touch with one good deed.

– Cristalyne Bell