Hope, Humbleness and confidence quotes

On a Friday evening when most people are thinking fish fry or finally the weekend, I received a call from doctor. She said you better sit down as I have some hard news for you. There is a vein mass in your brain and you need to have brain surgery. Horrific news to a wife and mother of 4. Would I live, would I walk, would be wheel chair bound, would I think and talk in a way that I could now. So much fear, so much fright, so much to live for. I wanted to live to see the future with my family. Meeting Dr. Dempsey who would do my surgery prepared me for the best it could be. His humbleness and confidence would lead me to a path of determination, HOPE, desire and more than that to face death right in the face and say, not my choice but if it is to be, I am such a blessed person. Kissing my family before surgery was a very tough thing for me. But waking up and see 5 amazing familiar faces at the end of my bed was the beginning of a will to walk again, speech therapy, not having seizures, struggling with numbers, delays in thinking, fear to drive, and finding my confidence. The prayers of family and friends and their love and encouragement gave me strength, courage, hope, and the ability to do better than I could have ever expected. It taught me to appreciate family, the medical teams we have right here in Madison, friends and colleagues and the faith that whatever will come it is well with my soul.


– Cindy Herbst
Exec Dir/Co Founder of Restoring Hope Transplant House